Connective Key Codes

Connective Key Codes: An Integration Update for December 2022

Connective Key Codes: An Integration Update for December 2022

December Energetic Themes : Indigenous grief/despair/anger when “everything was taken from us”.

Deep core wounds ripping us apart from all we knew is coming to the surface. Feeling a disconnect from Gaia, an old energy cord resurfacing to clear and create a new cord of wanting to be here in the physical body. A rising off old earth to the new, in a brand new way. Aches and muscle cramps in the back and spine are being felt, clearing old programming of “hard work”, “life is hard”.

Another Root chakra clearing of survival, especially around money and how we value ourselves is coming up in a new way.

A void is being felt,  to make way for a new connection with Soul.
This will take until the next eclipses in April/May to fully process. New creation is coming in but is taking time to anchor and see “what is next”.

Neptune goes direct tomorrow 12/3. Chiron, the wounded healer goes direct 12/23 and is amplifying this new process of letting go.

The energy coming in now  is much more pristine and fine tuned than ever before. This will get even stronger in December. The Full Moon in Gemini on 12/7 can cause this imbalance to amplify and release in a more expanded way.  Twin energies inside us and in all relationships are given an opportunity to let go of and/or re-balance once again.

Mars is still retrograde until the end of January, and things will open in a new way after that. Slowly though, until the eclipse season in 2023. Please be patient with yourselves Soul Stars, this next shift is major! Big vibrational timeline jumps for all!