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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update 5/5 2018 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update 5/5 2018 | Goddess of the Charms

Tomorrow’s 5/5 portal signifies a heightened healing energy relating to the Divine Feminine in each of us, as well as the Mother. This represents the 5th Dimensional rise of the Divine Feminine energy, which is nurturing, compassionate, loving and vulnerable. This is our strength Dear Ones, as it is through these traits that we shine. It also represents healing energies around relationships with our parents, and our role now as healing ourselves through the Divine Feminine inside.

Our inner child comes into play this month, as we go deeper into inner hurts and trauma related to childhood. Emotions we thought have been healed come up again, as the light codes heat up just in time for summer. Merging the inner child with ourselves is key during this time, as we are the only ones who can love ourselves this way. Deeper perspectives on old patterns and behaviors are also present so we can Awaken and Activate this merging. 

The mother within us Awakes, nurturing our inner child to become One within ourselves, sending gentle yet powerful Rays of Light into the depths of our Minds, Bodies, and Souls. Physical symptoms and old thought patterns may arise at this time to release them further.

Mother Mary is assisting us during this time as we heal the wound of the Mother and Parents, molding our connection further into the Light of our Soul and our own healing capabilities.  It is no coincidence May is also Mothers Day month, as we expand into this Golden Opportunity to harmonize within. 

Get in touch with Mother Earth , the Divine connection of our planet to help ease this process.  She knows exactly what to do, and will show you what you need to know during this unfolding. 

I love you all.
-Goddess of the Charms