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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update January 1, 2017 |  Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update January 1, 2017 | Goddess of the Charms

In ancient times, before your land existed, there was a spark of light that illuminated all things. It touched all the galaxies and paved the way.  Like the North Star, this light guided us home. The Arcturian council is emanating through this light to fill your hearts, so you remember why you are here.

There is a force, an intelligent force waiting in the winds of your heart Dear Ones, permeating from the Heavens, and we are helping to anchor these frequencies within you. We are among you, the Arcturian force of light, the fantasy of your reality.  In this new light lies the purity of humanity, and the council within your Galaxy. We are One with you.  

We wish to assist you with your mind.  Your mind is a gift that has been fragmented and has developed illnesses within itself, up until now.  The mind operates on a frequency, where thoughts and emotions arise based on what channel it is dialed into. That channel has been reconstructed now because your mind is a tool of development, creating new abilities. This emanates and illuminates prosperity, as we tune in. 

With this present New Year, this channel has changed. The mind will begin to operate on the God Force abilities of co-creation,  co-creating one with God. We are here to assist you with these new channels of evolution. The channels of evolution are a New way for Humanity to manifest their co-creation, one with God, but also one with the God in each other.  

In 2017, when wanting to create, you will notice a tension of the mind if the dial is not tuned in properly. When this happens, stop, and begin to open up into the Heart.  The heart has the new Light Code Frequency to begin dialing into the Mind. Set your intentions of the Coded Dialect of your Desires through the Heart, and you will begin to see different thought formations within you. These thought formations may appear foreign to you, because the mind is used to negotiating and rationalization.     

However, you will begin to See a pattern of frequency with your internal Dialect that will be more expansive, overriding the rational mind. Know this to be your truth, as we are here guiding you, implementing the new Light Codes within your mind to be able to connect to your Heart within the frequency of Love. The Love frequency is the catalyst of illumination, the outlet of Light to plug into when dialing into the Heart.  2017 is a complete recalibration of this, encoding this new Dialect into fruition. You will begin to understand that there is no understanding, only feeling. You are feeling into the knowing that is Love. This is our message of Prosperity, the new evolution of the mind and its Dialect within the Heart. We hope this message assists you in this time of reconstruction of the Human Genome. 

We are the Arcturian Council of Light. CODE 999

Sending Joyous Love and Divine Light,
Goddess of the Charms