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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update April 26, 2018 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update April 26, 2018 | Goddess of the Charms

We are feeling the energies of the Scorpion Full Pink Moon on April 29th this week, and the theme is all about renewal. We are reinventing how we view ourselves, as well as who we are becoming. When we are in this stage, many times it can be confusing as we no longer are who we were. This is coming up again and again as we lose ourselves into Deeper Truths.

The Angels and our Higher Selves are bringing up our own Mortality and Immortality to See past the matrix programming of the mind. If we are feeling Immortal, stuck in Fairy la la land of everything is perfect love and light, it is causing us to ground and feel our emotions, feel into our Humanness. If we are feeling too mortal, stuck in our own physical body and 3rd Dimensional reality, it is causing us to move into our power more, Creating a dual effect of Balance.

Yes we are Immortal, however we are also Human. Balance is necessary to Create what we want Dear Ones. It is not going to come by complaining, letting anxiety and overwhelming feelings take over, and talking about more ascension symptoms bringing us down! The Higher Realms are guiding us but it is up to our own Multi-Dimensional selves to rise up. Remember what Multi-Dimensional means. It means part of is are already Ascended, Master at Creating, in some amazing Spaceship, surfing the Universal Fields of Light. We already know what to do.

Be wary of falling deeper into the trap of the Matrix during this time Dear Ones. We are feeling the Light like never before and it is causing us to squirm with resistance in our cocoon of 3rd Dimensional reality so we can break free. Uncomfortable feelings are meaning we are breaking the cocoon! Feeling lost means the cocoon no longer has bearing! See the bright side in this Earth Angels. And through all of this, don’t forget to breathe in that sweet essence of your own Ancient Dew as you shed the Skin that is no longer serving you. 

I love you all.

-Goddess of the Charms