Energy Forecast: An Integration Update August 18, 2016 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update August 18, 2016 | Goddess of the Charms

The Full Moon coupled with the Lunar Eclipse is tomorrow and the density from these past several months has lifted. We are entering Eclipse season now, and the 4th tsunami wave of Light has started building.

This wave of Light will slowly increase starting now, with peaks tomorrow, with the New Moon on September 1st, and during the Full Moon /Lunar Eclipse again on September 16th.

This wave of Light hits at 11:11am on September 22nd with the Fall Equinox, and will shake and shutter those who are still sleeping. Those of us who are awake and tapped in, will continue to be turned on and activated in a whole new way now.

Clarity is the theme for the next 6 weeks as we are coming out of the fog of confusion and beginning to step into the conscious beings we are. Remember, there is no road map on how to navigate this new frequency as it has never been done before on Earth.

The new frequency is Love so keep in the Heart Vibration in order to feel your way through important decisions that will lead to your Soul's Mission. The Soul is getting louder now so if you are not listening, this could lead to more chaos, upheaval and anxiety as we continue to get downloads and integrate this love frequency.

Get quiet and listen to the voice within the Heart Earth Angels. Stay in the Now moment in time and Focus on Joy as your manifestations become stronger than ever before.

Be mindful what you think and say as this will boomerang back to you until you accept and recognize the Angels you truly are.

You are so loved...surrounded and supported by millions of beings of Light.

Sending Joyous Love and Divine Light,
Goddess of the Charms