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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update August 24, 2016

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update August 24, 2016

Things are moving at a face pace now, and the last week of August is no exception. We are still feeling the effects from the last Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, and the energy is building by the day leading up to the 4th tsunami wave of light at the end of September.  

September 1st is another Eclipse, this time a Solar Eclipse.  At this time we will be upgraded yet again. The vibrational pull in our bodies is causing us to upgrade and integrate these energies at a faster speed now. Momentum is building, and days may seem to fly by.  

Our own destiny is aligning with our manifestations now, so be patient as our outer worlds continue to align and adjust with the new frequency we are creating.

The Divine is always with us, never leaving, always readjusting to our Soul’s highest potential and pushing us in the direction of our next level of learning and evolving. The energy is more breathable now, and our insight and intuition more prominent.  

Remember to take a few minutes a day to speak with Spirit and ask the questions you want to know.  

Drop your attention to the Heart and find the still calm voice within. The Soul knows the answer.

Joyous Love and Divine Light,
Goddess of the Charms