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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update for August 2020

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update for August 2020

Today 8/8, is the peak of the lions gate portal where the great central sun connects with Sirius. This activates a deeper connection to our central sun inside, through our Solar Plexus. It further enhances the divine sacred union of our Female and Male aspects to merge as One. Relationships of mother and father are being healed to be our own fathers and mothers. Relationships of all kinds are being re-evaluated. We are stepping into a more expanded version of ourselves this month, one that we have been developing since the beginning of this year! Justice and truth codes are at an all time high Galactics! Where are you still not being honest with yourself? The lions gate portal ends 8/12, and by the New Moon 8/18 we will find ourselves in a completely different space energetically. The question then becomes, what to we do with that vibration ? The action is inwards, not out, as the next few months we are still recalibrating...this next completion with be through 11/11 so please be gentle with yourselves Earth Angels! You are no longer recognizing who you are, but not quite anchoring the new you until then 🥰🙏🏻


I love you always,



Goddess of the Charms