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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update for February 2021

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update for February 2021

February starts off with a bang, with intense 2/2 energies coming in during the first week.

We have a rare 6 planets in Aquarius this month, and we are really starting to feel this expansive light of The Age of Aquarius!

After a wrapping up of old 2020 energies in January, February calls forth new beginnings. The February New Moon on 2/11 will bring forth a huge uprising in frequencies with more 22 codes and a newfound awakening! Galactics, you will be feeling this expansion all month long, especially in the area of insight and the third eye! Clarity, visions, and passion are the themes for this month.

The Snow Full Moon in Virgo on 2/27 will stir up more emotions that are getting in the way of our passions…so be aware of self-doubt or self-sabotaging beliefs you still need to let go of. The quickening 5th Dimensional energies are really felt this month Galactics, so please rest, hydrate and stay in your heart.

Ultimately, this month will be amazing as long as you are focused on YOU and not everything else “OUT THERE”. Make sure you are still slowing down as much as possible, as we must slow down inside to integrate the mega fast photon light that is coming through.

All my love,

Goddess of the Charms