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Energy Forecast: An integration update for January 2020 

Energy Forecast: An integration update for January 2020 

The Age of Aquarius gateway is open!

We are right in the middle of two eclipses, coming out of the solar eclipse from 12/26, and now entering the lunar eclipse of 1/10.

This represents the Fire/Water aspects of the Divine Feminine and Masculine intertwining and Balancing on a much deeper level. Heavy energies are being surfaced to clear the old Age of Pisces as we finally enter the Golden Age of Aquarius with the 1/11 Gateway.

The lunar eclipse ushers us into huge frequencies of light this month. The old fear based earth is now obsolete, and the only thing that’s left is actually in our energetic field and bodies, being released. 

January is letting go of the old as we enter this passageway and giving up control as we expand into higher consciousness. None of the old can stay in 2020. This is the year of the future, and mass awakening on a grand scale and we will be very surprised at its rapid growth!

The energy is much faster this month. It may cause you to feel overwhelmed, angry, and frustrated so take breaks and allow yourself to recharge as much as possible. Manifestation is much easier this year, but this month is still letting go of the old, so the frequencies of this manifestation may not appear until February/March.

Be patient with yourself and others this month! A lot is happening internally. 

Welcome to New Earth! 💜🙏🏻