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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update June 7, 2017 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update June 7, 2017 | Goddess of the Charms

The new energy coming in is bringing up new ways of reacting to a "release of emotions." For the Light-workers who have done inner work, these emotions are often coming from the collective consciousness, or others they are healing, or a friend or family member. We can mistake this energy as our own and go into a spiral of self-doubt; we can briefly lose faith in our own abilities. 

These emotions are "surface emotions" which are on the top of the heart, but not deep within the heart, as when we are releasing our own sadness. We must differentiate between the two. When we are experiencing "surface emotions," we can meditate, go for a walk, put on a happy song and dance, and the emotions  go away within minutes. 

We are accessing our own power in the 5th dimensional consciousness.  We choose to tap into this new frequency instead of the old. However, many times emotions are not easily released, when we are continuously putting these emotions onto ourselves.  

"Releasing" is another old program playing and can diminish us from our own power as light beings. We have the tools; we can recognize the "program" and rise above it by choice. At first, we can do this by repetitively choosing to rise above, over and over, all day. This may be what is needed to reprogram ourselves to match our already ascended higher selves. 

We have already ascended Dear Ones; this is merely a replaying to remember a deeper merging into the Oneness that we already are. We are going into the Full Moon portal of 6/9, starting today on 6/6 . 

This month we are learning a new way to play in this frequency, to step into co-creation fully. We are learning to be responsible for our own feelings and actions instead of blaming or victimizing and to come into our own fruition. Growing pains may be necessary. Stay focused.

I love you 

Goddess of the Charms