Energy Forecast: An Integration Update March 22, 2018  |  Godess of The Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update March 22, 2018 | Godess of The Charms

We are starting to feel the light feathery energy that is clearing us after the Spring Equinox yesterday. After over a week of intense solar flares , this is a wonderful break from intense energies this month. Integrating these new light codes this week, confusion and disassociation may be coming up as we serge into more growth and deeper awareness.

These light codes are not over however, as the Blue Moon on March 31 and Easter Sunday April 1 are just around the corner. Use this time to sit back and relax Dear Ones. Take a day just for you.

The first three months of this year has been intense, but we are about to turn the corner in April as this energy opens up and creates a spiraling movement for our Souls. Applaud how far you have come!

The political side of things are starting to heat up again as Disclosure gets even closer, pay attention to surprises and twists and turns in these coming months. Nothing is as it seems.

In general, keep an open mind, open heart, and drop the judgement and spiritual egos.

These will get thrown right in our face if we are not careful, so be very aware of thoughts and intentions, as the light codes continue to get even stronger.  Remember we are co-creators here. You can always choose your perspective on what is happening around you through the expansive consciousness within. Use this compass as your guide always. 

I love you.   

-Goddess of the Charms