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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update March 3, 2017 | Goddess of The Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update March 3, 2017 | Goddess of The Charms

The Energy since the last Solar Eclipse on February 26th has been sweeping the world, causing us to peel another deep layer of the subconscious out from us. New patterns are coming up that we may not have realized about ourselves, new hurts, and traumas and fears. We are also having high energy days, coupled with waking up at night and having trouble sleeping. 

We are now coming into March and the 3/3 Gateway, really having us look at our inner lower mind and higher mind. Which mind to you choose? It is important to begin to realize thought patterns that are not your truth, as lower thought patterns rise to the surface to be released. These lower thought patterns can be patterns of low self-worth, guilt, shame, and frustration.

The Sirians are here helping us reconstruct our lower mind and giving us new light codes to help assimilate the higher frequencies within our thoughts. They are using new hemispheres called micro-hemispheres to connect the right and left brain hemispheres, which are Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. When balanced, we experience unconditional love and bliss. However, through this process of balancing, the Divine Masculine may be heightened to come up for releasing, so the vulnerability and softness of the Divine Feminine can override him.

This new frequency is all about the rise of the Divine Feminine, and the Sirians are helping us by giving us new probiotic cells , replacing each cell in the body, connecting us to the higher frequencies of the God-Mind.  These new Galactic cells have the memory of the Galactic Center.  This looks like a new grid on top of us, as well as the Earth. These cells look like bright shooting stars within our body, acting as a wormhole.  Once we all have these new cells, we will become a power lighthouse to connect to the Galactic Center. 

These cells can also work together with the other cells and look like memory sponges or foam. They move and form with the other cells in the body, to connect to this God-Mind. These are transmitters of information for us to become telepathic through the Galactic Center.  The new cells are also pulsating much faster to match the frequency of the magnetic photon belt in order to carry this information to us. This will take approximately 7 years, but I am told that some of us will be complete in 3 years. 

Stay true to yourself through these shifts as we are entering a whole new frequency in the month of March, leading up to the peak of this light wave on the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Focus on unconditional love, and appreciation instead of expectation. So important right now Starseeds! We are fulfilling the Starseed Project as we metamorphis into our new Crystalline Mind and Body.

Sending Joyous Love and Divine Light,
Goddess of the Charms