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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update March 30, 2018  |  Goddess of The Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update March 30, 2018 | Goddess of The Charms

We are in the final round of the light codes of March with the Blue Full Moon March 31. This is the second Full Moon in March and it is a strong one. This time, the focus is on old programming and beliefs centered around relationships. This means a relationship with yourself as well as others.

How do you truly See yourself at the depths of your core? This plays around judgement as well, as we are forced to Align to a greater understanding of how we are judging when a situation triggers us.  

We believe that we are not judging ourselves or others, but is this really true? It’s time to get real with ourselves Dear Ones, as the 3rd Dimensional Paradigm continues to collapse.

This can leave us feeling lost and confused. You may not know what direction to take. You may be doubtful and in fear. But this is yet another trap of the Matrix! 

We do have the power to override these programs now and not fall into the trap of disempowerment and dis-ease. Take back your power! Stand tall and face yourself. It is the only way out of these repeating patterns no longer serving you. Take a look at yourself clearly and See.

Becoming aware is key, so the moments you are triggered, you can make that change. Step by step.  

This moon also is about balance and harmony within you, the alchemy of the 5th Dimension when Aligned. So as we become more aware, it is leading us closer to this vibration. 

The Easter energy brings a beautiful wave of Christ Consciousness love to help us with all of this. Glory in the beauty of the spotlight shining into the parts of you that need to be awakened further.  

 I love you all so much.

 -Goddess of the Charms