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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update November 9, 2016 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update November 9, 2016 | Goddess of the Charms

Today marks a significant day in the History of the Love Revolution and it is 11/9/9 (2016=9 year). We are two days away from the 11/11 gateway and the energy is through the roof! The veil is thinner than ever before, the timeline collapse has started and dimensions are merging.

The U.S. elections have proven to be a milestone for the healing of humanity, as there is much division and anger coming up to be healed. In this continued chaos, remember there is a bigger picture unfolding Dear Ones. The old must crumble and fall completely from the foundation before we build the new. And oh what a glorious beginning it is! It is important as light beings to stay heart centered during this transition into 2017, when the 5th dimensional consciousness will finally begin to be revealed in your outer world. This must happen for the collective to wake up!

This energy will continue into December, so be patient and watch the glorious mystery unfold. There is much happening behind the scene as we fall into one world consciousness. This is the Shift. This is what we have been waiting for! With a mass Awakening such as this, there will be much healing of anger, sadness, betrayal and frustration before clearing it back to Love.

We are here to pave the way Earth Angels. Remember why you came and Rise up as the warriors you are. Do not falter. Stand proud in the knowing that the light is here inside your hearts. 

It is so close, so much closer than appears to be. Keep the faith. 

Sending so much Love and Divine Light,
Goddess of the Charms