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Energy Forecast: An Integration Update September 28, 2016 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast: An Integration Update September 28, 2016 | Goddess of the Charms

Yesterday we entered the final 9/9/9 Gateway of September and the energies coming in from the Heavens are at an all time high. This means the Light is vacuuming and sweeping all that does not serve us, causing the particles of dust to rise to the surface. Emotions are through the roof, so if you are feeling anger, sadness and frustration again, or unexpected outbursts from those around you, know this is the energy rising up and out of our cells

We have had two Eclipses in September, with two 9/9/9 Gateways, the 4th tsunami wave of Light, and ending with the second New Moon September 30th, which is The Black Moon. That is a lot to handle!

The Black Moon is all about integrating this energy into new beginnings. With this comes movement! Mercury and Pluto are both now direct as well so get ready to rock and roll! Spirit has said these last 3 months of 2016 will be like nothing we have experienced before. Our DNA downloads are coming full force. With this comes miracles and magic...this is what we have been waiting for.

November calls for contact with the Higher Realms.  The cleansing and clearing we have done for the past few years is about to be lifted as we are metamorphosing into stronger Light Beings and Crystalline Cells. 

2017 is right around the corner and this marks a new script for the Hu-Man race, with energy coming in past this Galaxy from the 22 Diamond Cluster of Galaxies and beyond. Expect to be contacted. The Elohim, Soul Groups, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrial Christed Races, Archangels and Spirit Guides surround you. We are here.

Sending Joyous Love and Divine Light,

Goddess of the Charms