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Energy Forecast for August 16, 2017 | Goddess of the Charms

Energy Forecast for August 16, 2017 | Goddess of the Charms

We are in the final days before the eclipse and deep into the lions gate portal this week. Things are heating up as the Galactic energy rises. Vivid dreams are back, old emotions clearing, anxiety, and extreme tiredness are all causing us to reevaluate our direction in life, our wants, needs and desires. Coming full circle, our Highest Selves are stepping up, and are now in charge.

So even if our lower selves cannot See, our Highest Selves are kicking us into gear whether we are conscious of this or not. Those who have gotten the opportunity to break free and chose not to, your Highest Selves are saying "No more." You may be going through hard lessons and difficult emotions at this time if this is the case.      

Mercury and 4 other planets are also in retrograde until August 25th and are showing us to flow slowly. Be careful of meeting anyone new right now as decision making can be altered with this somewhat volatile energy. This energy is going to continue to be up and down through September 23rd's eclipse as well, so keep your eyes wide open Dear Ones. Do not be fooled by others, or outside circumstances, for the stakes are too high during the eclipse season and everything is heightened.

Extraterrestrial contact is coming for certain individuals who are ready in the coming months. Starseeds who are anxious for something to happen. We don't have to wait much longer. With this portal launches the energy of the Heart Center of the 22 Diamond Cluster of Galaxies around our Galaxy. This peak in energy is causing Earth to split in two between 3rd Dimensional Consciousness, and 5th Dimensional Consciousness. The increased Chaos is proof of this Split. Stay in love, keep spreading love for those who can receive it, and lift yourself up into Courageous Mastery, as this beautiful revelation continues to unfold.

I love you.

Goddess of the Charms