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February Energy Forecast: An Integration Update

February Energy Forecast: An Integration Update

The energies of 2020 have really kicked off this month, as we are experiencing a collective timeloop, almost like the movie Groundhog Day, repeating and reflecting huge Karmic Lessons this month! 

February started off with the mirror energy of 02/02/2020, showing us where we have been coming from Ego (hurt inner child), giving away our power, or defending a false sense of power, and where we are still coming from need or lack.

Huge victim consciousness purging for the collective, as the super moon this month marked the first of 4. We have 3 more super moons to go, ending May 7th, so be aware Earth Angels! Things are topsy turvy right now in order to realign to our highest form of love inside.

We create these Karmic timelines to awaken out of, so deep self-reflection is needed this month to See what we are truly creating. Mercury goes retrograde right after Valentine’s Day, and this assists us in slowing way down again. This is not a month to create, but rather reevaluate what is working and what is not.

Lifetimes are being shed this month as this timeline loop is breaking down the karmic loop structure inside! Massive ascension systems this month as well, emotions, headaches, body aches, flu symptoms. This is lasting all month more breaks in 2020...we are in full ascension mode.

We were born for this very time of mass awakening!

We got this Earth Angels 😌❤️