Distant Spiritual Scan and DNA Activation (90 min)


90 minutes

Using the Rainbow Bridge of Light, I connect to your Higher Self, and Auric Field. I scan each Chakra to See what is blocked and why. I can See past lives, present, and future. This is like Spiritual Surgery, as your Higher Self, and your Galactic and Angelic Team assist in removing discordancies within your Chakras and Light Body. I use Light Language to help remove energy cords, attachments, dark energy and fragmentation, emotions of betrayal, sadness, fear or anger, separation, lack or need, repetitive patterns no longer serving you, addiction, abuse and more! A transcribed email is sent to you within 7 days after the healing is complete.



"Words are not enough to speak when thinking and feeling of Rachel...The most devoted goddess and light worker I have ever known . Her gifts are beyond any comprehension. I have been blessed with her love and energy healings. "
- Keith Capindale-Scott, UK

"Rachel that was incredible so fulfilling and wholesome. I felt transcendentally alive and awake."
- Heaven Holley