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Blue Calcite Sphere Crystal

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Size: ”4- 5” 
Type: Sphere

I use High Vibrational Light Language to infuse and personally encode each Crystal to vibrate directly within your Core Star.

This upgrades and expands your DNA and Galactic Consciousness to work closely within your Auroric Field. Coded with the latest full moon, equinox or eclipse, these Crystals get stronger as the light codes within them expand through the magnetic fields of integrated light that are coming in on Earth and into you.

As you upgrade, and Earth consciousness lifts, the codes within the Crystal upgrade as well.

Pure Magick!

This Calming Blue Calcite aides in nourishing overstimulated nerves. It is a good crystal to have around when you are recovering from a storm.

The Blue Calcite will help you facilitate physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation. 

These blue spheres act as catalysts to enhance intuition and inner sight.

Here is an example of Light Language from the recording studio:

Blue Calcite Crystal is associated with speech, communication and emotional release. Along with being a powerful energy amplifier. The energy the Calcite releases, purifies and cleans out negative energy from pretty much anywhere, whether the energy comes from an entity, or a piece of furniture or a place of living.

It is said to be very effective in clearing out old energy patterns as it helps you restart your personal motivation and drive. It is also known as a mind stone that heightens mental discernment and analysis, along with increasing memory and the ability to learn quickly and efficiently.

A piece that is great to have on your desk while having revision or a test. Calcite is by far the best stone to have around for anyone studying hard.