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Raw Ruby Necklace

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Antique bronze grounds a natural, strong raw ruby in this raw ruby necklace. Handmade with quality craftsmanship, the raw ruby necklace uses only nickel-free, hypoallergenic copper-based materials that last and help with feeling the crystal's energy. Dark ruby gives you purpose, presence, and power by activating your root chakra. You customize this women's and men's crystal necklace to fit you by choosing the material for your 24" chain or cord.

Meaning of Ruby

Ruby increases your confidence and personal determination. It resonates with the root chakra to awaken your kundalini energy letting it travel up your body and flooding energy into your other chakras.


  • Crystal: Ruby
  • Wire Wrap: Antique Bronze
  • Necklace length: 24"
  • Birthstone month: July