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Raw Bloodstone and Garnet Necklace

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Antique bronze and silver create an unique, organic style setting in this bloodstone necklace. Integrating garnet crystals with delicate wire work, the wire wrapped pendant both accents bloodstone's natural beautiful color and emphasizes the crystal's natural red hints. You customize this healing crystal necklace by choosing the exact bloodstone set as well as the chain material and length.


Bloodstone is a gemstone believed to cleanse ones blood from pollutants and is believed to help heal blood-related ailments, such as blood anemia and blood flow. This gemstone pendant will also help release your own courage and curve jealousy.

Garnet is believed to connect to the root chakra, revitalizing energies, and cleansing the chakras. It is also given to purifying the blood of toxins and aiding in enhancing protection allowing it to be included in my healing jewelry selection.


All materials are nickle-free and hypoallergenic. This specific necklace uses antique bronze and tin copper core wires. If you have acidic skin, your skin may eat through the wire's enameling. If this is the case, please message me for special care instructions.