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Tantra Alchemic Activation

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Are you ready to arouse to euphoric bliss? Tantra derives from the word tan which means “the weaving of energies”. I invite you to experience the combining of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies through the force of all creation: Sexual Energy. 

Through this powerful force, we go on a journey as One, connecting to our highest selves, and heighteing the five senses to orgasmic bliss. I am able to release toxic residue that are stuck in the chakras, and infuse them to hold more light.  

Through the breath, we activate every cell to dive deep into a joyful soul and heart connection that is pure magick.  

I am a Tantric Alchemist and trained in Sacred Sexual energy. I am an Awakener, working with the Galactic energies of Ancient Egypt and the Stars to help you to expand your Consciousness as a Light Being. 

Expect the unexpected. Be open to receive. No Boundaries, No Restrictions, No Judgements.  


  • Improving sexual energy and libido
  • Increased vitality
  • Happiness and Joy
  • An overall feeling of Euphoric Bliss
  • Reconnecting relationships 
  • Breaking old patterns and reoccurring sabotaging beliefs
  • Healing past life and childhood traumas
  • Attracting what your Soul desires
  • Increased Love and Abundance 

You will feel at peace, alive, and full of love. You will experience a natural high of the cosmos that will have you smiling all day long.

A sexual energy that is so vibrant, you feel one with all of Creation. This activation is completely transformational! 

Rates are:
90 minutes Skype is $693
90 minutes in person Session is $1500
1 hour in person Session is $1000
2 hours in person Session is $2000


In Divine Loving Service,
Goddess of the Charms