Since 2012 there has been a Shift in Consciousness on Earth.
These massive passage ways and portals are now open within each Hu-Man of the light, to transform and upgrade them into remembering their Galactic Multi-Dimensional Heritage.

Goddess of the Charms is a carrier of these codes,
transcending lower density Matrix programming into higher
light within the cells. She is an Alchemist, and able to move energy with her hands, eyes, body and voice. An Ancient Goddess from Egypt and the Stars, Goddess of the Charms can activate dormant DNA through love consciousness.

She also speaks Light Language, which is a combination of Sound, Frequency and Sacred Geometric Coding.

This complex coding goes deep within the DNA structure, releasing old patterns and discordancies, and activating Ancient Soul Wisdom.

A channeler of Spirit, Goddess of the Charms connects with your Highest Self,  your Angelic and Galactic Guides and assists you in merging your most expansive Soul Potential.

Rachel has a Masters Degree in Family Therapy.
She is activated and certified in Ancient Alchemy.
She has certifications in MBSR and MTTP
as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.
She is also an Advanced Oneness Deeksha Giver.

The guidance that brought you here...
Your soul has called you to be here, and it is not a coincidence that you are hearing these words.

Thank you for following your inner heart, for opening to new possibilities and for your dedication and commitment to remembering who you truly are:
A beautiful Multi-Dimensional being of light and love.

I am an Alchemist of the Light. My gifts came to me as I got activated by another advanced being of Light. I have gone through massive purging and clearing to get here, so I am very understanding of what you are going through.

You may not understand why you are here, and you are not necessarily supposed to, as the human mind has difficulties comprehending the magnitude of this Ascension process.

Because we had amnesia for most of our Linear 3D existence on Earth, we have forgotten our gifts, abilities, knowledge, wisdom and
mostly importantly our Love inside.
Because of old programs running within our Mind, Body, and Soul,
we can be blocked from accessing this God Source energy.

I am able to assist your full multi-dimensional self, your inner child aspect, past lives, your Highest Self, and your wisdom, gifts and abilities by guiding you to your Soul Group, and your Galactic and Angelic Guides.
I can see your cells and Chakras.
I can feel what is blocked and why.

I can release old belief systems and grids, as well as remove energetic cords, dark energy and attachments that no longer serve you. I can assist in cutting and releasing these discordancies, working with you and your Guides to get you “online” to a new higher Grid System of Love. This Grid System creates a bondage of light within the cells, that brings back wholeness and transmutes fragmentation.

Welcome to your inner Journey to Awakening Home. Home is where the heart is, and the amount of love inside you is so immense, so vast and expansive, that everything in your world changes once it is activated.

I am here to assist you on this journey to your truest, purest love inside. So you can be happy and joyful in this lifetime,
blissful and free.

I am honoured to Guide you home.
Welcome to the highest reality of your Multi-Dimensional self.
I love you.

In Divine Loving Service,
Goddess of the Charms