Goddess of the Charms - Testimonials

"I could go on forever explaining how wonderful I know/feel Rachel Goddess of the Charms to be. We did a session together over Skype a week and a day ago. I was so nervous at first because I Knew She would be seeing in to me. Even after all the work I've done to and for myself I still held shame and didn't realize until she began to remove and help me remember. However allowing her that intimacy (in-to-me-see) my walls began to drop. My heart felt as though it burst open and it did! She cleared each chakra with Love & Light code activation. Her ability to clear other lifetimes was amazing. I feel stronger now! She is a sweet, loving, strong, caring, powerful, Divine Goddess. Those 90 minutes (it was more) have been life altering. She stayed with me until we released oh so much. I am still processing however so much has changed for me. I am more aware now of habits, the way I speak to certain people in my life. I can say I unconsciously felt like a victim. Not any more!!!! So Grateful to the Goddess in Rachel and the Goddess in myself. I am conscious of my words. I am alive again!! I am so filled with joy to get to live my purpose everyday. Before our interaction I was not feeling well. Now as the sun rises as do I. I have returned to my daily practices which were almost nonexistent. I will continue my work here on Our Beautiful Mother. I am now anchored deeply to Her. Where as before I felt like I didn't belong here except for my son. Now I am amazed at what I was missing. Traveling, laughing, self-love, loving, truly living, getting so much done, not feeling tired, and not simply existing anymore. Forever grateful and I am looking forward to our meeting. Still feel her light around me and a deep connection to her. Her beauty and smile are imprinted on my Soul.

I love you 🙏🏼💚🌺"

- Jessica Glick, Florida

"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Goddess of the Charms while I was in Miami on vacation from NYC and in the mood for an energetic healing session. My session with Goddess of the Charms was hands down the most total body energy healing I've ever had. When you meet her you instantly feel at ease both physical and mentally as her beautiful smile and warm personality make you forget instantly any physical/body alignments in my case (sports injury in the back/pelvic region) as well as outside thoughts that could otherwise go on in a session that you are not so comfortable with. Her approach is gentle and embracing from the start and her touch is tantalizing and powerful, making your body feel sensations from head to toe. My overall energy and my connection with my girlfriend enhanced on all levels after this session as well!  I cannot wait to see Goddess of the Charms again to learn more!"

- Brian, NYC

"What an experience! Rachel's skills as a healing therapist are amazing. My experience with Rachel proved pleasure is about the whole body. Rachel has a great sensibility for helping people heal. Treatment reaches the spiritual parts a body rub cannot. She helps the skin, muscles, and chakras through energy. Rachel is a master in taste, smell, touch, communication, and environment. Rachel quickly makes one feel at home. It is a whole new level of sensibility I had never experienced; pure electricity and connection. The Healing with Rachel has helped me love myself, love others, and have a more profound and spiritual relationship with my lady. I highly recommend Rachel for Healings."

- Mark, Miami

"Dear Rachel. We send you our opinion regarding the session with you.   A hug and a welcoming smile was the main ingredient for a good start. The place was very well decorated with colors and gave a great sense of peace. The session was well structured, everything had an order and a reason. We began by talking about what we expected to achieve. This was key to opening doors of self-recognition. We felt a lot of respect and trust; We felt guided by a light, by an angel. At the end of the session we felt a very strong connection in our relationship, we discovered how our spirit was full of love and peace. This gave meaning to our connection with our bodies. We left the session with an enlarged spirit, full of great thanks. After this experience, our life as spouses has improved tremendously. We have found a new and wonderful sense of love together. We feel renewed, happy and full of love to give."

- Edgar and Fanny, Peru

"Our first connection via Skype was exactly what I was seeking which was a direct connection to my higher self and the knowledge and skill to help me on my path to ascension.  Rachel was so enthusiastic and happy that I couldn't wait to get started. This first session focused on light language and chakra. I was blown away by the experience and knew that I wanted to continue with our connection, which we did regularly through light language sessions which naturally developed into healing sessions. Rachel connected with the Angels and ascended masters, and delivered messages and information to me that was appropriate at each stage of my journey. Rachel has also guided me towards new knowledge and resources on the internet to help me outside of our sessions. Rachel has also gently guided me towards my gifts and through the current heavy ascension energies coming into earth through 2017, leading to me starting to channel myself and connect directly with my guides. She has become a trusted guide and friend and has acted with integrity and honesty throughout, speaking only truth and with love and grace, and has made herself available around my schedule in the U.K. Even during her own holidays. If you are seeking spiritual growth and change supported by a loving and genuine beautiful soul then I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel, she is gifted and the best by far that I have come across in my long search for the truth and the light within myself. I intend to keep working with Rachel for as long as I can and if you are unsure about trying a session with her I suggest that you already know in your heart what to do and you will be grateful that you connect with her."

- Paul, U.K.

"I just wanted to let everyone know how much the last years sessions have helped and meant to me. Rachel's kindness, divine knowledge and skills have helped  heal my heart, soul, mind and body. Life's  journey can take a toll on us in many ways. Both my heart and soul has grown, thanks to Goddess of the Charms! Her guidance, caring and love has me believing in life and love again. She is a very special blessed Teacher and Goddess!"

- Roger, Miami

"I met with Rachel and had an experience that frankly I was not anticipating or fully expecting me how was able to rather quickly reach the core of my emotions and suppressed spirit, and relaxed me and infused me with a calm and spirituality that I don't think I've ever felt. I felt at total ease and peace with her, and she energized me with a sense of happiness and inner peace that lasted for many days. Even a week later, I found myself smiling, and I continue to feel a new sense of spiritual happiness and ability to be intimate in terms of body and soul like I have yearned to have for a long time. I am so touched by her charm and ability to bring out the 'inner best' in me. She is sweet, understanding and magical. A true Goddess."

- Jeff M.  New York

"Connecting with GoddessOfTheCharms' has furthered expanded my own spiritual knowledge. By understanding, how everything is made up of energy and vibration and higher consciousness is the unconditional love that surrounds us and Love what is channeled by this Goddess. Connecting with her has also deepened my understanding for my own gifts and powers through her graceful expression, a beautiful reflection of The True Goddess that she is. She has allowed me to better connect with who I am and my purpose in this space and time by tapping deep into my wounds and showing me steps and ways to release and forgive, and always returning to love. A very gifted light worker with incredible accuracy! Highly recommend a session with Goddess Of The Charms. To experience her healing light language and activations and to awaken to your ultimate potential and greatest self, is priceless. Xoxo"

- Mikaela, Miami

"When I first heard about Rachel and her amazing healing abilities from a friend so I thought I would request a healing for myself.  WOW!  It was so amazing.  Rachel touched on things I thought I had dealt with in the past but her reading made me realize all I had done was bury them deeper.  The healing from Rachel, the light codes, and the light language made my feel so vibrant.  My next reading was even more powerful and has stirred a longing in me I have denied for 25 years.  Since my 2nd healing/reading, I have had multiple confirmations that this is my path.  I am beyond excited for the future and so very grateful for the talents of Rachel.  She is an amazing goddess of the light!"

- Elaine, Canada

"My twin 10 year old boys and I have had some sessions with Rachel and I can tell you, she knows her stuff! Her messages from spirit and galactic beings are always bang on. She can also detect where energetic blockages lay throughout your chakras and help to dissolve them and ultimately make space for more love and light. You will feel lighter, healthier and more optimistic following her beautiful healing sessions. Thank you Rachel for blessing us with your healing abilities!

- Gillian, Canada

"You came to me at the perfect time. For the past few years, my life had been extremely challenging and I was totally depleted. I felt hopeless and helpless. I had asked the Universe to please help me find a spiritual healer and mentor to guide me on my path and brighten the road ahead of me. It was then that I stumbled upon your Facebook page and we became friends. Soon after I scheduled a healing, not fully knowing what to expect. Right after the healing session, I knew you were truly a divine blessing from the Universe and my prayers were answered. As soon as the healing began, I felt a sense of calm I hadn't felt in a long time. Immediately, I felt protected, as you tuned my chakras with your beautiful Light Language. You grounded and protected me with the help of our beautiful Angels and guides. You helped me see my life situation with more clarity and peace than I had felt before. You added to this beautiful centered and grounded feeling, as I felt a true connection with my higher self. After the healing, I felt a renewed hope that had been lost for such a long time. You emailed me with beautiful Mantras, Music, and Healing links that would continue to encourage and strengthen me. Words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for you and all that you have done for me and my family. Your kind and loving spirit continues to gently guide me on my path, empowering me, helping me connect more deeply with my higher self, and creating a path to freedom and self-realization. Thank you so much for bringing greater joy into my life and peace and harmony to my family. I look forward to receiving more healings, protection, and guidance while I continue on the path of my divine soul ascension."

- Love and Light - Christine from California ​

"Rachel, I wanted to thank you for providing clarity and enlightenment to my being. In just two short sessions I've been able to bring calmness & peace knowing that there are angels surrounding and protecting me. I highly recommend to anyone looking for clarity to contact you. Look forward to seeing you soon again."

- Oscar M., Florida ​

"Tarot review for Rachel on this blessed day of the Full Moon: This is one of the best and most revealing tarot readings I have had in a very long time! I do deep spiritual work and most of the time I am not in need of readings from other people, though I felt a very strong pull to request one from Rachel. Now I know why, despite all my work I was missing something very important and in only 10 minutes she laid it bear for me, and told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to align my spiritual path with my spiritual destiny! A gift I have been ignoring and brushing to the side, a healing and psychic gift, it may sound weird but sometimes empaths don't want it. Well, being the type of Man I am, and with this confirmation, especially in my current phase of transfiguration, it's time to take responsibility. This profound and wondrous Woman is extremely powerful, and worth every penny! Thank you so much Rachel! Words really can't express how grateful I am, you truly are a Goddess and I am quite Charmed! :p All the best! Love, equanimity, passion and balance for all!"

- Jason A., Colorado

"I loved my reading with Rachel. She is a great spiritual adviser and a wonderful person to talk to. I had couple of readings with her, and both times it felt so great. She was spot on with things that actually happened after the reading. She gave me a better sense of direction with my Soul Purpose, and eased any worries I had on my mind. I felt more in touch with my Higher Self and Spirit after her channeling. I loved my session with her, and would definitely recommend her. She is pure light and love. I felt very safe and surrounded by unconditional love. I give gratitude to have such an amazing being guide me toward joy and happiness!" Thank you!"

- Joselyn S., Florida

"Words are not enough to speak when thinking and feeling of Rachel …. The most devoted goddess and light worker I have ever known . Her gifts are beyond any comprehension . I have been blessed with her love and energy healings. Thank you Rachel for being here on this existence shining your light and love so brightly . You inspire me to become the best that I can be."

- Keith Capindale-Scott, UK

"That webinar really hit me deep. The emotions and tears that build up in my eyes were unreal. I've been on the last few with you. Everyone always amazing. Been on the ride ever since. Thank you so much again."

- Mark

"Hi Rachel, I did the Blue Avian webinar. It was extremely healing since I have gone through 2 strokes in the past. My right side is affected but it recovered tremendously, still right hand slowing recovering. I have gone through Acupuncture treatment for the last 2 years. But Blue Avian has helped recover. Thank you!"

- Sohail

"Dear Rachel: Yesterday, I was doing the Andromeda Webinar, while I was in the 2nd Room with my mother. Mother Mary appeared behind my mother, the whole room was filled with golden Light. Even after coming out of the room, the golden light was still with me until I got to the 3rd Room. As I said, the Andromeda Webinar was a powerful webinar so far."

- Sohail

"9/9 GOLDEN RAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS TRANSMISSION EXPERIENCE: Rachel that was incredible so fulfilling and wholesome. I felt all of us connecting and connecting with the galactics as we enter the golden door and see the golden tree. The first being that came to me was extremely tall white flow energy; at first I understood it was a pleadian but as I met the others I believe the first being represented light but also lyria and an animal kingdom. The next being was an aquatic being of light and represented water nand intention, they placed the plant music instrument into my hand. The third being was the plant spirit, and represented communication/community/coexistence. I felt the platinum diamond being placed in my third eye and brighten. I felt transcendentally alive and awake. As I exited the golden door I was extremely in tune with all of us, people listening, the galactics, light beings that came to me forming this circle of love and beauty and gratitude and we merged our worlds in this vibration. I felt an explosion within me as we merged of joy and excitement. The golden ray inching up my spine and placing the golden ray of consciousness like a halo or sun over my head. I felt responsible and that it was in my hands as I am the human psychedelic to evolve the consciousness and awaken the divine connection to source/ nature within to create a sustainable mindset/universe and this is where our purpose lies with clarity. Thank you so much for the transmission. Extremely powerful. So grateful."

- Heaven Holley