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14 Karat Rose Gold Raw Herkimer Diamond Ring

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The 14 karat rose gold setting enhances how Herkimer diamond reflects light to make the ring feel even brighter. You can rock this raw crystal ring when wearing bohemian, street, or even unicorn styles.

Feel vibrant with a rose gold shimmer when you wear this raw Herkimer diamond ring. Herkimer diamond helps you feel lighter through amplifying your energetic vibrations.

The Herkimer diamond in the rose gold ring measures approximately 0.5" (1.o cm) tall and approximately 0.37″ (1.5 cm) wide. Please note each crystal does slight lengthen or shorten the necklace by 1 mm or 2 mm.

The rose gold band ranges from 0.06″ to 0.07″ (3 mm to 4 mm). You choose the wire wrapped ring's size in the drop-down menu on the side. Custom sizes, such as 5.25 US, are available upon request. Please note these rings are made to order. The exact design may differ slightly from the image provided.

This Herkimer diamond ring uses 14k rose gold-filled wire. All materials are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic. 100% genuine raw Herkimer diamonds are used.