7/31/2021: A Webinar with the Ephetians - The Golden Time Capsule: An Acceleration of Light


Travel with the Ephetians to their space ship with your astral body for this very special webinar! The Ephetians are a benevolent reptilian race that are here to assist us in transmuting old karmic cycles of slavery, religion dogma, and abuse. We all have many lifetimes here on Earth, and have experienced these harsh traumas for lifetimes.

       Activating the golden time capsule so you can remember and release, these beautiful beings will accelerate your timeline now and align you to a higher  version of you, by breaking these cords and cycles of fear. 

     Ephetians are known for their loyalty, strength, telepathy, and power. They also have huge golden hearts, and are alchemical Masters. These traits will also increase in you as we connect you to your own power inside. 

    You will feel and see as if you are there, because you are 😊. Through codes of light, we enhance your body, mind and soul and adjust your vibration to a more expanded frequency. These webinar connections are transformative on every level of your being. You will get the replay afterwards so you can get multiple usage, as you can listen over and over and each time the codes go deeper! A truly magical experience.