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Amethyst Crystal Unicorn Charm Necklace - Italian Sterling Silver

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Amethyst represents the spirited yet protective nature that also listens to her higher wisdom.

Let your carefree spirit carry you when you wear this amethyst unicorn necklace! Handcrafted with the love in Italian sterling silver, this natural purple crystal unicorn necklace shines in the light with a playful vibe just like you.

Also known as February’s birthstone, the amethyst unicorn necklace symbolizes your free-spirit, beauty, and personal wisdom.


Amethyst resonates with your crown chakra to connect to your higher self and wisdom to help release stress, anxiety, and provide protection. This healing crystal represents wind and thought in the elemental belief system. It aids with letting go of stress and unneeded thoughts to become more clear-minded and chill.

February Birthstone