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Raw Amethyst Healing Crystal Point Necklace in Silver

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Smooth and rough textures interplay in the  amethyst healing crystal point pendant. The wire wrapped design enhances this duality through leaving spaces to see the amethyst point's jagged formation. You can see the rock quartz forming into the amethyst within the crystal. The wire wrapped is reversible and gives you that daily option of which side to wear.


Amethyst is known as a significant healing stone that opens your crown chakra to increase higher knowledge and understanding. The crystal also relieves stress and offers protection.

It is February's birthstone.


The raw amethyst necklace ranges from 1.0" (2.54 cm) to 2.0" (5.04 cm) tall and approximately 1.0" (2.54 cm) wide depending on your choice.

This wire wrapped pendant comes with a chain. You choose the chain's length and material in the drop down menu located on the side.


All material is nickle free and hypoallergenic. This specific wire wrapped pendant is made with sterling silver plated copper core wire.

| February Birthstone