4/4/2021: An Ethereal Restoration of Life


      Join the Orions for a journey to their Galactic Ship to activate your new tree of life! We will specifically work with the root and crown chakra to feel more grounded in your physical body and balanced during DNA upgrades! The light has gotten much stronger in 2021, and our physical bodies are working very hard to keep up. The Orions are here to assist us!
      Your new tree of life will allow more light to flow through you from top to bottom! The branches of this new tree will ignite censors that will pick up new light and send it to your cells. You will have new energy and vitality because you will be able to hold the frequency of love more easily! This is a complete ethereal restoration 😊
      You will feel and see as if you are there, because you are :) . Through codes of light, we enhance your body, mind and soul and adjust your vibration to a more expanded frequency. These webinar connections are transformative on every level of your being. You will get the replay afterwards so you can get multiple usage, as you can listen over and over and each time the codes go deeper! A truly magical experience.