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Blue Amazonite Crystal Unicorn Charm Necklace - 14K Gold

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Feel light and free like a light blue unicorn when you wear this natural amazonite blue unicorn necklace! Handcrafted with the love and care you relate with this magical creature, this gold unicorn necklace shines in the sun as you shine in your daily life. The amazonite crystal represents awareness of self and others that will let you resonate to your own inner goals throughout your day. Also known as the stone of mindfulness, the amazonite unicorn necklace energetically provides the connection between your heart and mind to truly be aware of your own path within the greater world around you.


Amazonite helps connects your heart and mind to increase open-mindedness, hope, and positive self-care. Through this connection, the healing crystal aids in increasing understanding and empathy for yourself and for others. When following the elemental practice, amazonite resonates with water and air reinforcing the emotional communication aspect.