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Bridal Blue Lace Agate Crystal Necklace - Bright Silver Wire Wrapped

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Small blue glass beads and bright silver wire wraps around a beautiful blue crystal in this blue lace agate pendant. The handmade filigree necklace integrates detailed wire work with organic design. You choose the blue lace agate crystal in this necklace which affects the handmade crystal necklace's shape. The wire weaved necklace is reversible and gives you two designs to choose from each time you wear it.


You will feel calmer and able to communicate more easily when wearing this blue lace agate pendant. The healing crystal necklace reverberates with the throat chakra to help you speak and, through sharing, cleanse your emotions. If you are a teacher, professor, or counselor, wearing blue lace agate will heighten your ability to help your students or clients communicate their own thoughts.

Please let me know if you will need cleansing instructions for the gemstone upon order.


The blue lace agate necklace ranges from 1"-2" (2.56-5.02 cm) tall and from 0.75"-1.5" (1.91-3.81 cm) wide. Please note these dimensions depend on the blue lace agate you choose.

You choose the chain's or cord's length and material that accompanies this handmade healing necklace.


All material is nickle free & non-tarnishing. The wire wrapped pendant is made from tin and sterling silver plated copper core wire.

If you would like it only made in sterling silver plated copper core wire, please leave a note upon check-out.

0.925 pure sterling silver and 24k gold options are available upon request.

 re interested by clicking on the " Request Custom Order" option to the left.