Channel your Star Heritage - A Quantum Connection (60 min | Online Zoom)


60 minutes

This comprehensive Light Language activation includes a scan of anything blocking you from accessing your Star Family, and releasing it. This can include trauma, repetitive patterns, abuse, abandonment and betrayal that has caused fragmentation within you. You will find out your Specific Monad group, and your prominent Star Heritage. We connect to your “note” or “frequency” that is HOME, so you can feel more love within you. This deep pathway opens up a feeling of belonging, working with your Hara Line (energetic line from your Crown Chakra into Mother Earth), so you feel more anchored, grounded, and open inside. This assists with feeling “alone”, or “wanting to go HOME” as the HOME frequency comes inside you, so you don’t have to “go” anywhere. This light radiates support within you. You can attract more people that are emanating this frequency in relationships, friendships, and in business once you are anchored. This creates a beautiful foundation that can grow and expand.



"We did a session together over Skype a week and a day ago…She cleared each chakra with Love & Light code activation. Her ability to clear other lifetimes was amazing. I feel stronger now! She is a sweet, loving, strong, caring, powerful, Divine Goddess.”
- Jessica Glick, Florida

"We felt a lot of respect and trust; We felt guided by a light, by an angel. At the end of the session we felt a very strong connection in our relationship, we discovered how our spirit was full of love and peace."
- Edgar and Fanny, Peru