Distant Channeled Bridge (40 min)


40 minutes
Ask 3 Questions about your Past, Present or Future

This can include:
Health, Job, Soul Purpose, Love, Past Lives, Future timelines, A deceased loved one, Star Heritage, Abundance, Energetic Scan or Cords, or Relationship. I join with your Soul remotely, and send you a transcribed email within 7 days of the connection.



"Rachel's kindness, divine knowledge and skills have helped  heal my heart, soul, mind and body. Life's  journey can take a toll on us in many ways. Both my heart and soul has grown, thanks to Goddess of the Charms! Her guidance, caring and love has me believing in life and love again. She is a very special blessed Teacher and Goddess!"
- Roger, Miami

"Rachel that was incredible so fulfilling and wholesome. I felt transcendentally alive and awake."
- Heaven Holley