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Garnet Bracelet and Tiger's Eye Leather Wrap Bracelet - Prosperity & Fortitude

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Ground and restore with this natural dark red almandine garnet bracelet. Made using raw, natural crystals, the genuine leather wrap bracelet combines garnet with pyrite and tigers eye. These crystals together help increase your prosperity by enhancing your fortitude and grounding. The bracelet's wrap design closes with a flower of life button to make it easy-to-wear for both men and women.

  • The bracelet uses natural polished raw garnet, tigers eye, and pyrite
  • The bracelet measures 0.43 inches (1.1 cm tall)
  • You choose the bracelet size
  • You can personalize to include other crystals upon request

Meaning of Garnet & Tiger's Eye

Garnet grants protection, revitalizes energies and cleanses the chakras. The healing crystal helps increase prosperity and enhances your fortitude. When mixed with tiger's eye, it enhances the stone's grounding aspect with a hint of balancing, earth energy.