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Gold Opalite Necklace

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Feel bright joy radiate through you when you wear this gold opalite necklace! Made using detailed wire wrapping and affordable manmade opalite, you can wear this October birthstone necklace with any outfit to create a boho casual look to a dressed-up fun vibe. The opalite's healing energy helps your center to your true self with mindfulness and joy. The crystal point necklace's meaning and style make it a great gift for someone born under Cancer, in October, and just a fun bridesmaid gift that will be worn again!

You personalize this gold opalite necklace by choosing the matching gold chain length in the drop-down menu.

Meaning of Opalite

Opalite helps you to connect to your true self with a feeling of joy and happiness. The healing crystal resonates with the crown chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. 


  • Crystal: Opalite
  • Birthstone: October
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.5"
  • Wire Wrap Material: Gold
  • Necklace Material: Gold

- October Birthstone Jewelry