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Handmade Raw Clear Quartz Point Pendant

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Vibrate with bright light energy when you wear this natural raw quartz necklace! Set in a detailed, lovingly crafted wire wrapped setting, the April birthstone necklace magnifies your own energy to manifest your dreams. You can easily wear this versatile clear quartz charm pendant with any of your outfits to give a little bit more style and energy into your day. Plus, its simple, elegant design can be layered with larger raw stone necklaces for a fun, bohemian look!


The raw quartz point necklace ranges from 1.0" - 1.25" (2.53 cm - 3.18 cm) tall and 0.5"- 0.75" (1.27 cm -1.91 cm) wide. You personalize it by choosing the chain's length.

-April Birthstone Charm Necklace