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Antique Bronze Kambaba Jasper Necklace

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The handmade wire wrapped pendant is reminiscent of steampunk themes due to the beautiful color play between the bronze wire and jasper's dark green.

Antique bronze wire wraps around a Kambaba Jasper stone to create an earthy, detailed mens gemstone necklace.

The crystal necklace is reversible and gives you a choice of two designs each time you wear it.


Kambaba jasper provides you with peace and tranquility. The healing jewelry sooths trouble minds, helps restore you with balance, and enables you to expand your inner being. This gemstone is also wonderful for meditation as well. If following the reiki path, the crystal connects to the heart chakra with the green calling nature-based energies while the black provides protection.

Kambaba jasper primarily comes from Madagascar and South Africa.