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Mens Garnet Crystal Ring - Wire Wrapped in Antique Bronze

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Antique bronze wire wraps a crystal sphere in this garnet ring. Known as January's birthstone, the detailed wire work creates an organic design perfectly fitting the garnet's unique deep purple red color. You can wear this garnet ring either facing up or down, giving you two styles to choose from. 

All material is nickle free and hypoallergenic. The wire wrapped ring uses antique bronze and tin copper core wires. The inner core is 100% copper.

Garnet grants protection, revitalizes energies and cleanses the chakras. Historically, the healing crystal was given to purifying toxins in the blood. For yoga and reiki practitioners, it resonates with the root chakra to provide grounding while also helping stimulate kundalini energy on a lower vibration.

Garnet is January's birthstone.