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Green Aventurine Crystal Bracelet

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Earth and forest combine in this mens crystal bracelet. Using green aventurine for forest and mahogony obsidian with agate for earth, the stretch bracelet represents our world with a great vibe. The bracelet has a mala design, letting you play with the crystal beads to aid in meditation and relaxation.


All materials are hypoallergenic and nickle free. The crystal bracelet is made from non-polished azurite, durable rubber cord and jeweller's glue.


Green aventurine increases your self confidence and helps bring prosperity. You also connect to forest energies by wearing this semi-precious gemstone, making it a perfect women's or men's gemstone pendant. The crystal resonates with the heart chakra.

Mahogany obsidian grounds using warmer earth energies while also protecting against negative energy. Also known as mountain obsidian, the healing crystal increases inner strength and releases blocked energies. It resonates with the root chakra and will aid during grounding one for lightwork.

Agate increases yin/yang energy balance and general protection. Due to these properties, it is an excellent connector stone in between the green aventurine and mahogany obsidian crystals.