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Men's Raw Aquamarine Pendant

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Mens Raw Aquamarine Necklace: Dark silver wire wrapped setting creates a bold raw stone necklace. Known as March's birthstone, the mens crystal necklace's design and stone connect you to nature. You customize your necklace by choosing the exact aquamarine set.


The mens aquamarine pendant is approximately 1.0"-1.5"" (2.54 - 3.81 cm) and about 0.75" - 1.0" (1.91 - 2.54 cm) wide depending on the stone you choose.

Meaning of Aquamarine

Aquamarine's watery vibe helps increase your communication skills and lets us release emotions. Releasing emotions helps you to feel "unstuck" and more free to travel your life journey.

- March Birthstone Crystal Necklace