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Men's Raw Clear Quartz Point Pendant

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Add a mens quartz necklace to your hippie vibe. Known as April's birthstone, the raw quartz necklace gives fits the mens boho style while also giving you good energy. The raw stone necklace's point shape also makes it easy to wear with any of your outfits.


The mens quartz point pendant ranges from 1.0" - 1.25" (2.53 cm - 3.18 cm) tall and 0.5"- 0.75" (1.27 cm -1.91 cm) wide. You choose the chain length.

Meaning of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz helps to manifest your dreams by amplifying your own energy and intention that you emanate. This stone works primarily with light energy to resonate with all the chakras.

- April Birthstone Charm Necklace