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Men's Tigers Eye Crystal Ring

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Antique bronze and dark silver create a detailed setting for this tigers eye ring. The dual tone setting accents the tigers eye yellow while creating a design that can be worn by men or women - just depends on your style.

Also known for grounding vibes, you can wear the tigers eye ring facing up or down, giving you two styles to choose from.

Tigers eye helps one ground and balance their emotions. The healing crystal also offers protection and, though it, an increased ability of self-will and the corresponding prosperity. Tiger's eye resonates primarily with the solar plexus chakra and secondarily with the root chakra.

All material is nickle free and hypoallergenic. The wire wrapped ring uses antique bronze and tin copper core wires. The inner core is 100% copper.

Please note to mention during checkout if you have acidic skin. (Skin that makes white gold yellow within a couple years.) You will be provided with special care instructions, if this is the case.