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Mindfulness meditation focuses on who you are, being present on the now, being aware of what’s really going on and not dedicating your time and energy to external distractions. We have so many distractions throughout the day and we have to take some time to get away from them.

However, trying to meditate on your own is not something you can just do. Posture, focus, thoughts, breathing and environment all play roles in how well you can meditate. The role of guided mindfulness meditation is to make sure that you are given proper instruction and learn how to do it the right way.    

Why is it important to meditate? Television does not reduce stress. Alcohol does not reduce stress. Vacation doesn’t really relieve stress. What relieves stress is training your mind to take real breaks from it every day. For example, every morning you begin the day with a small meditation session.

You don’t think about what you have to get done, you don’t worry about your job and bills. All you focus on is yourself, your chakra and your breathing. Imagine how much easier it would be to get through the day if you were completely calm and able to handle each obstacle without it bothering you?    

Goddess of the Charms can show you how to find that peace through guided mindfulness meditation. Think about when you start to workout. You don’t think you need to know how to run and lift weights until you try to do it and realize you are doing it wrong. Then you work with a personal trainer and realize you have to do it a certain way to maximize its effects and get real results. That’s why you need assistance with mindfulness mediation and we can help you accomplish that.  ​ 

If you are interested in mindfulness based stress reduction then now is the time to start. Stress doesn’t go away, it has to be worked on and treated. Consider the toll stress puts on your body and mind and then also take into account that it’s one of the leading causes of substance abuse. Everyday people resort to overeating, drugs, alcohol and other “crutches” to help find some kind of alleviation for their hectic day.

This isn’t a healthy solution and it will only make matters worse. Our techniques are not only going to help you feel more relaxed but they will eliminate your need to rely on those unhealthy solutions that do not produce long-term results. If you are ready to begin or have any questions feel free to contact us today.  ​ 

Learning how to practice mindfulness is not something that is going to be done overnight or taught through a blog or YouTube video. Understanding the power of meditation and natural healing starts with working hand in hand with a trained instructor, someone who has helped hundreds of patients to heal and find calmness and balance in their lives.

It’s also important to understand that when you are working on this type of peaceful and natural healing that it’s not something you will grasp quickly and be able to tackle the world.

You have triggers throughout the day that cause stress, tension, anxiety and solutions like meditation are meant to help you find calmness and peace without the need to rely on substances. If this seems like something you are ready to try then feel free to message me today.

After purchase you will be sent a link and the password to listen to Guided meditation for sleep via Vimeo + a 14 day Acupressure program with instructions and pictures.