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Mixed Crystal Wrap Around Bracelet with Olive Wood

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Feel connected to the world and universe when you wrap around your natural crystal elemental bracelet! This genuine black leather handcrafted wrap around bracelet combines four semi-precious gemstones to help you vibe with the elements with olive wood for a Mother Earth's energetic focus.

  • Carnelian represents fire and energy while amazonite connects you with emotional mindfulness and water.
  • Amethyst resonates with air and helps release stress while jade sings to the forest and earth as well as helps centers you to your heart.
  • The olive wood doubles as a natural infuser for you to use essential oils for aromatherapy in your daily practice.
  • We finish the two-layer wrap around bracelet with a copper Flower of Life button to represent your connectedness to the universe.
This healing crystal leather bracelet gives you a total elemental experience through these crystals helping you to mindfully release stress in a mindful manner while grounding through your heart an being given a bit of fire energy.