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Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Raw Blue Aquamarine Pendant

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Your healing crystal pendant uses aquamarine's chill energy and watery vibe to help you embrace inner peace through listening to your intuition and letting the water away unwanted emotions.

Feel this natural stone's calm energy take you to soothing waves when you wear this raw aquamarine pendant. The sterling silver wire wrapped setting cascades over the march birthstone's surface to create a smooth design that compliments any outfit.

Measurements: 1.0 inch tall by 0.75 inch wide (2.54 tall by 1.91 cm wide)

Your raw aquamarine pendant features natural raw aquamarine set in a handcrafted 0925 sterling silver setting. You can choose to add a matching sterling silver chain for this pendant.

You personalize this pendant by choosing the exact aquamarine we set. Upon ordering, we will send you an image of four crystals via email. You then just choose the one that vibes with you and we will make your pendant to fit its shape!