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Raw Green Peridot Crystal Bridesmaid Sterling Silver Necklace

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The raw peridot bridesmaid necklace vibrant color and petite size compliments both your wedding theme and your bridesmaid dresses, letting your wedding jewelry shine as you take your first step down the aisle.

Music plays as your special friends and family pass you as you excitedly wait to walk down the aisle for your life's new chapter. As each beautiful dress passes you, you notice the light catching the peridot bridesmaid necklace hanging elegantly.

The green color of the raw peridot necklaces reminds you of the fresh and new starts your wedding symbolizes.


Peridot helps your transition from negative cycles into healthy habits. The healing crystal helps prevent personal darkness by bringing a freshness from light energy and nature. You can use this energy to create healthier patterns in your emotional and mental self. Peridot resonates with the heart chakra to enhance and heal your heart-centered self.

Peridot is also August’s birthstone.