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Raw Lapis Lazuli Crystal Necklace

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The wire wrapped pendant's reversible design gives you peace of mind when wearing in case the pendant flips over.

Lapis lazuli and miniature glass beads create a unique, elegant setting in this lapis lazuli necklace. Known as December's birthstone, the natural blue crystal necklace is an excellent gift for anyone who adores bright blue, a December baby or that something blue for a bride!


The lapis lazuli pendant is 2″ (5.08 cm) by a bit over 1.5″ (3.81 cm) wide. Please note your choice of lapis lazuli gemstone will affect these dimensions.

You choose the chain material and length that comes with the wire wrapped necklace.


This crystal necklace stimulates wisdom and good judgement. The healing crystal helps in stimulating the sixth chakra and its associated intellect. Lapis lazuli was historically a stone of royalty, and as such, is also believed to slight aid in efficient, direct communication when needed.

Lapis Lazuli is December's birthstone.