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Raw Pink Ruby Crystal Ring - Adjustable 14K Gold Pink Sapphire Ring

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Celebrate love today and every day when you wear this gorgeous raw ruby ring. Designed for the woman who wants to cultivate happiness, confidence, and passion, these rings will offer you more than just a new favorite accessory.

These custom rings will offer you self-expression and creativity at the tip of your finger!

These pretty-in-pink stones are also known as the July birthstone making them an excellent gift for birthday celebrations, but their organic, bohemian design make them a lovely addition to any wardrobe that requires a kiss of pink.

Your raw ruby ring literally adjusts to whatever finger you feel the gemstone calling to!

Just lightly push the ring on that finger, and it will adjust to that finger's shape. If you need to make it smaller, put the ring on the smaller finger and gently push the sides inward until it fits.