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Shungite and Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace - Bright Silver

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Shungite is historically believed to be a great purification stone and helps to minimize the effects of chemotherapy. Peter the Great used shungite to cleanse the water of Russia's first spa. It has scientifically proven anti-bacterial properties and is believed to rejuvenate the body.

The black gemstone also protects and balances the body-spirit connection. The healing crystal is an excellent grounding stone and resonated with the root cha

Bright silver wires wraps around a round shungite to create an elegant handmade necklace. Freshwater pearls and rose quartz chips are positioned around the stone to provide a softer, asymmetrical touch while adding some texture to this healing crystal necklace. The wire wrapped pendant is reversible and gives you a choice of which design to wear each time you put it on.

The necklace comes with a 22" bright silver chain. Want another length? Just leave us a note when checking out! 


Rose quartz is known as the gemstone of love. It connects to the heart chakra and helps you feel the care that friends and families would give. It also aids in relaxing those defenses a little bit so that you can more easily feel the love and care that likely surrounds you.