Goddess of the Charms Healing

Tantra Alchemical Activation

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Are you ready to join in a Soulful connection?

I invite you to experience the combination of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies meeting through the Photonic core of all of creation.

Through this very powerful energy combination we go on a journey together, connecting our highest selves - as we activate the five senses, and together tap into the ultimate Sixth sense.

It is very important to understand that the core essence of any living being, is both male and female. Through the breath, we activate every cell in our bodies to dive deep into a joyful cleansing connection that is pure magick.

I am a licensed Alchemist and cellular Activator, trained in Sacred Awareness. I am an Awakener, working with the Galactic energies of Ancient Egypt and the Stars, to help you expand your Consciousness as the Light Being you are.

This goes deep into the DNA structure, and releases old and outgrown habits, patterns and discordancies.

Be open to love and honor.
No Restrictions,
No Judgements.

You will experience a natural feeling and connection to cosmos, like never before.

Improving sexual energy and libido
Increased vitality
Happiness and Joy
An overall feeling of Euphoric Bliss
Reconnecting relationships
Breaking old patterns and reoccurring sabotaging beliefs
Healing past life and childhood traumas
Attracting what your Soul desires
Increased Love and Abundance
You will feel at peace, alive, and full of love.
You will experience a natural high of the cosmos that will have you smiling all day long.

This activation is completely transformational!

"What an experience! Even though it involves touch, Tantra healing is so much more than just that.  Rachel’s skills as a tantric healing therapist are amazing. My experience with Rachel proved pleasure is about the whole body. Rachel has a great sensibility for helping people heal. Tantra Treatment reaches the spiritual parts a body rub cannot. She helps the skin, muscles, and chakras through tantric energy. Rachel is a master in taste, smell, touch, communication, and environment. Even though it may feel awkward at first, Rachel quickly makes one feel at home. It is a whole new level of sensibility I had never experienced; pure electricity and connection. The Tantra Healing with Rachel has helped me love myself, love others, and have a more profound and spiritual relationship with my lady. I highly recommend Rachel for Tantra Healings." -Mark, Miami

"When I first heard about Rachel and her amazing healing abilities from a friend so I thought I would request a healing for myself.  WOW!  It was so amazing.  Rachel touched on things I thought I had dealt with in the past but her reading made me realize all I had done was bury them deeper.  The healing from Rachel, the light codes, and the light language made my feel so vibrant.  My next reading was even more powerful and has stirred a longing in me I have denied for 25 years.  Since my 2nd healing/reading, I have had multiple confirmations that this is my path.  I am beyond excited for the future and so very grateful for the talents of Rachel.  She is an amazing goddess of the light!" -Elaine, Canada

"Our first connection via Skype was exactly what I was seeking which was a direct connection to my higher self and the knowledge and skill to help me on my path to ascension.  Rachel was so enthusiastic and happy that I couldn't wait to get started. This first session focused on light language and chakra.
I was blown away by the experience and knew that I wanted to continue with our connection, which we did regularly through light language sessions which naturally developed into tantra healing sessions. Rachel connected with the Angels and ascended masters, and delivered messages and information to me that was appropriate at each stage of my journey. Rachel has also guided me towards new knowledge and resources on the internet to help me outside of our sessions. Rachel has also gently guided me towards my gifts and through the current heavy ascension energies coming into earth through 2017, leading to me starting to channel myself and connect directly with my guides. She has become a trusted guide and friend and has acted with integrity and honesty throughout, speaking only truth and with love and grace, and has made herself available around my schedule in the U.K. Even during her own holidays. If you are seeking spiritual growth and change supported by a loving and genuine beautiful soul then I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel, she is gifted and the best by far that I have come across in my long search for the truth and the light within myself. I intend to keep working with Rachel for as long as I can and if you are unsure about trying a session with her I suggest that you already know in your heart what to do and you will be grateful that you connect with her." -Paul, U.K.